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Jeroboam Godwin Makama Is Afro-Pop Singer from Kubacha, kagarko local Government, Kaduna state, Nigeria.
A graduate of production operations management from Kaduna polytechnic Kaduna state, Nigeria.
An afro beat music artist in Nigeria.
He have been into music since 2007 and Release 8 track EP 31st December 2020.




The single pray 4 9ja is an excerpt from lep Love Breed by Afro-pop artist King-Jay. In this title, the artist depicts with irony the fate of elected officials for their elector, and also the suffering suffered by the people thanks to corruption, police violence and oppression, the tears of the innocent, the artist asks himself the question where his country nigeria is going, the low blow and inflation are also evils and problems which plague nigerian society from lagos to kaluga. k ilogramme78 / Sarabaramusic


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