SarabaraMusic présente kashu feat Ezzy chelly 15th july 2020

Kashu is a young artist; native of Chipata; main city and capital of the eastern province in Zambia / Two languages are spoken there: English; Chichewa and Bemba; our artist Kashu mixes his English and Bemba to chant and spread his messages of peace; of tolerance and love on Afro-pop tones with Zambian sauce; Sarabaramusic is happy to work with young talents from the continent who want to have more promotional visibility while also earning royalties depending on the contract established.

Kashu was born in 1998 and arrived in music in the years 2015. Sarabaramusic fell in love with his title Mpela, which speaks of the first place that a woman demands from her man; a title that all women must appreciate if only they could understand the content; because for any woman First Class is the wish: can women deny it? Kashu Mpela single in feat with his friend and the accustomed Ezzy Kelly on a beat made by the beatmaker of Luzaka the best of the moment Dj Doot himself. kilograms / SarabaraMusic toutes les infos ici: Profitez de 3 Mois Gratuit Chez Amazon Music Commencez votre essaie gratuit chez notre partenaire Amazon/Pride Vidéo Un streaming de qualité et illimité Regardez ou vous voulez ; comme vous voudriez ; même sans connexion ; Amazon Prime Vidéo ;laissez libre cours a vos idéos .  Commencez des aujourdhui votre essai gratuit de 30 jours.

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